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The Use of Child Soldiers Must Stop
Why do children become soldiers
Where are these child soldiers located
Why do children become soldiers
What children are used for as soldiers
What becomes of these child soldiers
Who becomes soldiers
What can the Canadian Government do

Many children decide on their own to join armed forces, not because they want to, but because of specific reasons. A child is most likely to choose to become a soldier if they are poor, separated from their family, displaced from their homes, living in a combat zone, or have limited access to education. This makes orphans and refugees vulnerable to becoming a child soldier. Many children join because of economic or social pressure. Some children join to avenge family members who have been killed. Most, if not all of the reasons mentioned above have to deal with desperation. These children see these armed forces as their best source of survival. They believe that the armed group will offer them food, shelter and security.

Most children that join these armed groups are forced into joining. They do not have a choice about whether or not to join the armed forces. These children are either abducted, press-ganged, or recruited by force and are compelled to join because they are threatened that if they do not join, they will be killed.

Other reasons for children becoming soldiers are the technological advancements in weaponry and the high production of small fire arms have contributed to increased use of child soldiers. These lightweight automatic weapons are easy to operate, easily accessible, and can be used just as easily by children as they can be by adults.

Stop the use of child soldiers