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The Use of Child Soldiers Must Stop
What children are used for as soldiers
Where are these child soldiers located
Why do children become soldiers
What children are used for as soldiers
What becomes of these child soldiers
Who becomes soldiers
What can the Canadian Government do

Children are used by opposition forces, and many are used for government armies. Upon recruit a child might be asked to perform an astrocity (meaning something appalling or shocking) to their own family, neighbor, friends, etc. Upon recruit, there are many different tasks and jobs that the children are given. Some of them are the same as the adults, but most of them are the worst tasks and assignments possible.

Children who become soldiers may be instructed into combat, where they will most likely be forced in the front lines, as oppose to the elders who get to be in the back rows. These children that are forced into combat carry around AK-47s and M-16s. They also can become supply carriers, and just simply put themselves in danger carrying around weapons and ammunition for the group. Child soldiers can also act as spies, messengers, or lookouts. This puts them in great danger. But the worst thing of all is that many children are forced to be the first into minefields, and become human mine detectors. In other words they are sacrifices for the army. These children are also used for suicide missions, in that they are sent into an enemy area trying to take out as many enemies as possible, but killing themselves in the process.

These child soldiers do not have any input at all. Whatever assignment they are assigned they cannot change. These children are simply too young to resist. They just listen to what they are told and do not argue against it because of intimidation and physical weakness to the adult leaders of the group.

Stop the use of child soldiers