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The Use of Child Soldiers Must Stop
What can the Canadian Government do
Where are these child soldiers located
Why do children become soldiers
What children are used for as soldiers
What becomes of these child soldiers
Who becomes soldiers
What can the Canadian Government do

There is not much that a single country's government can do about a world-wide issue, but they can lead what has to be done. Canada could put forth and accord, like the Kyoto Accord to put an end to child soldiers.

As of now, there is a very little number of peace treaties out there that relate to this issue, and the one's that do relate to this topic, are not aimed directly at it. The use of child soldiers is an issue that MUST be dealt with, and as it stands now, nothing is being done. The Canadian government should be dealing with this issue, and helping to resolve. Many people ask the question of why should government care and take action against it? The Canadian government is partially involved in a small war right now, and that is the War on Terrorism. There are  hundreds of children who are fighting against the Canadian government and its allies, and these children probably don't want to be involved in this conflict, but are forced to be, and are losing their lives because of it. This is not acceptable! Something needs to be done!

Stop the use of child soldiers